Your One Step Can Save a Life – National Donate Life Month

Donate for Humanity

Donation is the epitome of compassion. The giver, as well as the receiver at the two extreme ends, benefits from it. We certainly hear about donations of money, food, clothes, etc. But the biggest of all donations, which is the donation of organs, is rarely talked about. Imagine how it would feel when you are the reason for a person having a second chance at living a healthy life. 

More than 1,00,000 Americans require a life-saving organ. Families wait for years till they can find a donor for their loved ones. This process of waiting is excruciating and taxing for the patient and the family. To aid these individuals an efficacious initiative of National Donate Life Month was commenced in the year 2003 by Donate Life America.  

So, why do we need National Donate Life Month?

17 Americans die every single day because they cannot find an organ donor. And more than 18,000 people are diagnosed with an illness that requires an organ transplant. These numbers keep growing every year. 

To help these patients the movement of national donate life month was conceptualized. The idea is to raise awareness and at the same time celebrate the donors who are selflessly saving lives. 

Organ donations from the living and the deceased are increasing year-on-year. Last year, a record was set as the record experts performed transplants for more than 41,000 patients

Despite the efforts, we have a long way to go. 

Who can be a Donor?

The national donate life month majorly concentrates on the donation of organs, eyes and tissues.

Any person while he/she is alive can enroll for donating any of their organs. The lucid way of doing it is consulting the doctor who will guide the concerned throughout this medical journey. Once you have decided on the organ you want to donate, the medical expert will advise you to undergo a few tests to ensure your overall health. During these tests, the doctor will also examine if the said organ is fit enough to be transplanted. 

On ascertaining whether the organ transplant can happen or otherwise, the doctor then puts down a roadmap for the patients. Through this map, he explains all the plus and minus to the patient that can help him/her in making an informed decision. 

If you wish to be a donor and are seeking help then you can book an appointment today with TrueHealth for yourself and your loved ones. For more details visit our website or call on (631) 581-0737 or send us an email at

 Many people are skeptical of what might go wrong once they donate an organ. So, they register for donations post their death. That is correct- a deceased can also be a donor. 

The statement from the White House during this National Donate Life Month has urged all the individuals to help people in need by registering at for organ, eye and tissue donation and on for marrow and blood donation.

What can you do to raise awareness this National Donate Life Month? 

Here are a few simple ways one can adopt for raising awareness:

  • Firstly register yourself for the programme; 
  • Encourage your friends and family members to register for the programmes as well. One can host a gathering and invite a medical expert to help with this aspect; 
  • Get information on the rallies and public gatherings being hosted in your community. Be a part of it and take it to your social media to spread the word;
  • Create allies with the NGOs who are working round the clock in this direction and assist;